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love Your Skin!

Skincare.Your skin is in good hands

Our experienced esthetician delivers results in a comfortable and collaborative environment. We proudly carry Sanitas Skincare, a local brand based out of Louisville, CO, who shares our values in skincare; offering clean, non-toxic formulas which results in healthy beautiful skin.

Love Your Lashes

Lashes.Enhance your natural beauty

Our trained lash technician (AKA Lashista) uses top of the line brands to create custom designs for every client while putting the health and safety of your eyes as top priority.

Love Your Hair!

Hair.We’ve got you covered

Our friendly stylists are here to provide you with a quality, personalized hair service. Combining premium brands with years of experience will leave you with hair you’re proud to show off.

We have recently gone through a price increase. Website is being updated please call salon if you need exact pricing. Thank you for you understanding.

Love Your Skin Custom Facial Treatment $70

Not sure what you want or need… let’s talk. We’ll come up with the best products to meet your specific needs and skincare goals. Treatment will include appropriate cleanse, masques, serums and moisturizers to leave you feeling your best.

Brightening Pumpkin Facial Treatment $65

A blend of organic pumpkin enzyme dissolves impurities and dead skin cells to encourage healthy skin renewal. An added blend of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory masque will moisturize and cool the skin, and hydrating serum and moisturizer heals and restores your skin.

Papaya Pineapple Facial Treatment $65

A blend formulated with dual enzymes from nutrient-rich papaya and pineapple exfoliates dead skin and loosens blocked pores. An added blend of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory masque will moisturize and cool the skin, and hydrating serum and moisturizer heals and restores your skin.

Tea Tree Facial Treatment $65

A deep pore cleansing absorbs excess oil and helps draw out impurities imbedded in pores. A soothing blend of clays and restorative botanicals helps eliminate toxins from the skin, speed healing and create a more even tone. Ideal for congested, acne-prone skin. Includes extractions.

Love Your Age but Love to Defy ~ Age Defy Facial Treatment $80

Minimize appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and revitalize dry, mature skin with a unique blend of fruit enzymes and lactic acid to exfoliate and brighten skin. Followed by a powerful peptide anti-aging treatment designed to brighten skin tone, improve skin elasticity and increase collagen production in skin tissue. Skin will appear smoother, firmer and hydrated.

Love Your Fluff Microdermabrasion Facial $75

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment used to minimize fine lines and wrinkles; sun damage; hyperpigmentation: acne and acne scarring; as well as uneven skin tone and complexion. This method uses a machine with a diamond-tipped wand to exfoliate and resurface skin, combined with suction to remove outer layer of dead skin cells. Followed by application of a custom facial masque and serums with a lovely upper body, neck and shoulder massage.

No Fluff Microdermabrasion $55

Excludes custom masque and upper body massage.

Love Your Fluff Dermaplane Facial $75

Dermaplane is a manual exfoliation treatment that is an alternative to microdermabrasion. An esthetician- grade sterile blade is used to exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin cells and remove fine facial hair commonly known as “peach fuzz.” This allows skin care products to penetrate more effectively, evens skin tone, and reduces congested pores and is great for sensitive skin. Hair does not return coarser after treatment (contrary to myth). Followed by application of a custom facial masque and serums with a lovely upper body, neck and shoulder massage.

No Fluff Dermaplane $55

Excludes custom masque and upper body massage.

Ultrasonic Facial Treatment $75

This amazing treatment includes a custom exfoliation masque to prepare skin for optimum benefits. An ultrasonic wand is used to promote skin cell renewal and repair, while toning facial muscles through ultrasound wave technology. Ultrasonic is a gentle yet effective treatment used to increase facial and neck muscle elasticity; revive and plump the skin; reduce the appearance of facial fine lines and wrinkles; and balance out skin tone.

Love Your Peel

Alpha Peel $70

Normal to dry skin

TCA Peel $70

Dry, Sensitive Skin

Beta Peel $75

Normal to oily skin

Jessner Peel $80

Oily, normal or mature skin

Add-On Services

Microcurrent Eye Treatment $10

Ultrasonic Treatment $20

Extractions $15

Over 10 minutes

Dermaplane $40

This is perfect for clients who would like to enhance their lashes or brows. Using a plant bases dye we offer different shades to create a desired look that lasts 5-8 weeks.
Lash Lift is the most up-to-date method of naturally curling your own lashes. Providing semi-permanent curl and lift to lashes.
Before and After Eyelash Service
This full set of classic lashes completes your look with a voluminous set of professionally applied single layer lashes customized to your eyes with various length, thickness and curvature.
If 4 weeks or longer consultation needed may require new full set.
Before and After Eyelash Service


Lash Extensions are a wonderful way to enhance your look for a special occasion or your everyday appearance. All the different lengths, thickness and curvatures allow us create a custom design and look for each client. We offer Classic Full Sets which can be very natural to more glamorous or flirty depending on what you are looking for and the condition and length of your natural lashes. We use a top of the line brand Xtreme Lash, developed by Jo Mousselli, a Registered Nurse, who created the line with the client’s eye health as top priority.

What to Expect

You will lay in our comfy bed with your eyes closed. We play music but you are welcome to bring your own with headphones. The application is painless and most clients fall asleep. Every visit your lashes are thoroughly cleansed and eye pads are put on. Xtreme Lashes are made to feel like natural lashes while adding glamour to the natural beauty of your eyes. Our Lash Technician safely applies semi-permanent, individual eyelash extensions one to one to your natural lashes using a semi-permanent adhesive that will not damage your natural lashes. Each lash is separated so each extension is applied to only one lash at a time this process is done from outer eye to inner eye and repeated until your natural lashes are all lengthened with the extensions.

How long to lash extensions last

Lash extensions are attached to each individual lash so they do fall off as your natural lashes shed. A person loses between 3-5 lashes a day (who knew!) It is recommended clients come in for fills every 2-3 weeks.

Before and After your first appointment

We do ask you do not wear any waterproof mascara for a week prior to your appointment and come to appointment with NO eye makeup on. You want to avoid oil based make up, removers or products (used around your eyes) 48 hours prior to appointment and after you have your lash extensions. These products will affect the retention of you lash extensions. You will need to wait 24 hours after your appointment to get your lashes wet. Water will interfere with the curing process of the adhesive. Most clients do not need to wear mascara with extensions but if you would like to we always recommend using Xtreme Lash mascara as all of their products are compatible with the lash extensions. We will go over all aftercare procedures during your first appointment.

If you have other questions please feel free to call or set up a complimentary consultation!

Hair Cuts



Hair Color




Color Service Add-On




Specialty Services

Ombre- Call for consultation
Balayage- Call for consultation
Hair Extensions - Call for consultation
Corrective Color - $75 per hour
(Consultation needed $20 deposit required & will
betaken off final bill)

Waxing / Hair Removal Services

Ombre- Call for consultation
Lip/Chin Wax ($5 savings)
Nose Wax (not included in full wax)
Lower Back (small area)
Dermaplane (one small area)

Cancellation Policy

Your appointments are very important to us, it is reserved especially for you. We understand, sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary. Therefore, we respectfully request at least 24-hour notice for changes or cancellations. Less than will result in a $25 cancellation fee for any Salon Services that are over 45 minutes.
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"Sandra has been doing my hair for years!!! She does a super sweet and always does a great job, I always feel like a new woman".

- M. Edwards

"Facials!!!❤️ by Sonya! Quaint and comfortable place, I have never been disappointed!"

- P. Ruggles

"Sandy is amazing! She does not only my hair, but she does my 4 daughters' hair also."

- K. Locke
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